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*updated 23 February 2022


ACPA22 Featured Speakers. Waterman, Mobley, Hernandez, Cooper. Headshots of all 4 individuals

Convene, Connect, Cultivate

Seventh Convention in St. Louis! ACPA has been in St. Louis in 1936, 1940, 1958, 1970, 1990, 1998, and 2022. For our first in-person convention in two years, we want to recognize convening in place. As we develop the details for 2022, we recognize the difficulty many individuals will have in attending in person. We need to continue engaging those individuals and ensuring they are convening with us in some capacity. We plan to connect people, ideas, institutions, and policy. And, we want to cultivate research, practice, ideas, and friendships.

ACPA22 will forge new opportunities and paths. It is our opportunity to use our history as we push forward for a better world. The Mississippi River is a symbol for our association. The headwaters represent the past and where we come from. We will reflect on our history over the next two years as we celebrate our centennial. The convergence of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers represent where we are now. As we come together during a crucial time in our world’s history, we must ask how are we taking care of our people, how are we honoring our scholars, and what does it mean to advance our strategic plan? As we flow down river, we focus on our 99th anniversary in New Orleans and the bold future that is before us. We ask, where are we going as a profession, how are today’s crises affecting the future of higher education, and where do we position the association in the realm of higher education?