Networking & Engagement

The Career Wellness Center at ACPA22 will be open Monday, 7 March and Tuesday, 8 March from 9:00AM – 5:00PM in Room 200 of the America’s Convention Center (ACC).

Networking & Engagement Connections

The Career Wellness Center will provide connection points for Convention attendees– no matter their position, experience, or level within the field. Making career development and advancement the primary focus of the Career Wellness Center at ACPA22, we are embracing the belief that as professionals, we must commit to growing at every point in our careers—not just as graduate students and new professionals. The Career Wellness Center is an open area for attendees to visit for their professional development.

Pre-Convention Opportunities

Career Central

ACPA will maintain the Career Central online job posting board. This system allows  all higher education professionals to post position announcements and search for ideal candidates through hundreds of qualified candidate resumes and profiles at any given time. We encourage employers to utilize this platform to identify potential candidates prior to attending Convention. If you are attending the ACPA22 Convention as a job seeker, we encourage you to set up your job seeker profile! This will allow you to be easily identified from employers and let them invite you for opportunities to connect and engage in St. Louis!

Pre-Convention Resume & CV Reviews

The ACPA22 Career Development & Advancement team will facilitate Resume and CV reviews during the Fall 2021 semester for potential ACPA22 attendees. A call for document submission will occur during October 2021. Resumes will be distributed to association volunteers who will provide relevant insight and perspective to the document. Documents will be returned to individuals during the month of November.

On-Site Convention Opportunities

Career Central Meetup: A Professional Connection Experience

The Career Central Meetup is designed to serve as the primary networking and connection point to the convention experience. This two-hour event will allow for ACPA attendees to network, learn about current opportunities, and engage with other attendees with all levels of experience. The ultimate goal of the meetup is to provide a designated space where attendees can network with one another. While this will not serve as a job placement event, there may be hiring organizations and members seeking positions in attendance. 

The Career Central Meetup will take place in ACC, Room 200 on Sunday, 6 March from 12:00PM – 2:00PM.

Coffee & Connections

The Career Wellness Center will offer a daily connection space for ACPA attendees. Coffee & Connections will be hosted on the Monday and Tuesday of Convention during the Coffee Breaks from 10:15-10:45am on Monday, March 7 and Tuesday, March 8. Dedicated space for employers and job seekers will exist for mutual conversation and dialogue.

For information regarding career wellness, please contact the Career Wellness Team at [email protected].edu.