COVID19 Information

Information as of 12/8/2021

The ACPA International Office has been in close contact with staff members from the St. Louis Convention Center and our host hotels to monitor COVID19 transmission patterns in the St. Louis area. 

In terms of wellness protocols while on site in St. Louis, here is what you can expect:

  • Masks will be required for all participants while indoors. Masks can be removed when actively eating/drinking, but should otherwise be worn at all times while indoors in the Convention Center, and in public areas of your hotel. (Please note, even if the City of St. Louis should happen to drop its mask mandate between now and March 9, we intend to still require masks for all Convention attendees.) 
  • We strongly advise all attendees to consider obtaining vaccine shots and a booster shot at least 21 days in advance of travel to convention in consultation with your personal health care team. 
  • Physical distancing options will be available during Convention gatherings. We’ll rely on you to engage and communicate your boundaries at your own personal level of comfort. Returning to large gatherings after mostly virtual meetings will feel strange, so we encourage you to move at your own comfort level – which does not need to be the same level as that of your grad school roommate or former colleague. You do you!

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available! Questions regarding the COVID19 protocol can be emailed to [email protected].