Scholarship Session Proposal

The ACPA22 Call for Proposals is now closed. We hope you will consider submitting education for ACPA23 in New Orleans from 26-29 March 2023!

Scholarship Session Types

Session TypeSession TimeOverview
Research-In-Process20 minutes of a 60 minute sessionResearch-in-process sessions take the best parts of communal roundtable discussions, paper discussant feedback, and add the opportunity to develop a paper at almost ANY STAGE OF READINESS. Papers that are fully drafted (as in past years) should be submitted in this session type as well.

Each scholar(s) will be paired with an experienced, published scholar-mentor such as an ACPA Emerging or Senior Scholar with an additional goal of supporting the author to reach publication.
Multimodal20 minutes of a 60 minute sessionScholarship presentations in this area include performance, visual, digital, and other arts-based forms of knowledge creation and distribution. Multimodal presentations can include forms such as Zines, storytelling, poetry, documentary, photo-voice project, artifact presentation, or the presentation of research findings in another creative format.

Multimodal sessions exist in two formats: (a) 20 minutes long presentation where two multimodal presentations are assigned to one session block (60 minute session in total); (b) poster-style.

Multimodal sessions exist in two formats: (a) 30 minutes long presentation where two multimodal presentations are assigned to one session block (60 minute session in total); (b) poster-style.
Methods Workshop60 minutesMethods workshops allow members to present a project that uses compelling research methods and teach others how to apply this method to their own work. Presentations in this format should be considered continuing professional development allowing members to build self-efficacy and capacity around creating scholarship and assessment tools to bring back to their campuses.
Research & Practice PosterPosters on display during scheduled times of ACPA22 with presentation times facilitated by the authors.
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Important Dates

  • Scholarship program proposals are due on the same date as general program proposals, 17 September 2021.
  • Reviews will be conducted and completed by late October 2021.
  • All members who submit a scholarship program are required to conduct at least 3 proposal reviews of scholarship sessions. If reviews are not completed by the assigned deadline, or a previously agreed upon date, that member’s scholarship programs will be removed from consideration.
  • You will receive notification of acceptance, waitlist, or decline by early November
  • If your program is accepted, you have the ethical and professional obligation to register for Convention by 17 December 2021 as well as provide required scholarship materials by the requested deadlines.
  • ACPA reserves the right to rescind acceptance of any scholarship program proposal if required materials are not submitted by the deadlines requested (e.g., IRB materials, research papers for review), or registration is not completed by 17 December 2021, unless previous arrangements are made with the Scholarship Programs Co-Chairs.

Proposal Resources

The ACPA22 Program team is developing resources to assist as you prepare your educational session submission. These resources include a program proposal worksheet – a form one can build out a program proposal before entering it into the portal, the rubrics used to review program submissions, a how-to submit a proposal presentation, and sample proposals you can review while developing your proposal.